Tuesday, January 8, 2008

so crazy about quilting

i don't know where the time goes it seems that i am forever running well a lot has to do with Fred we go twice a week to Physical Therapy for his Hip then usually one or the other Doctor wich leaves me only a few hours in the afternoon to quilt.

well any way enough of this gripping i finished step # 5 for the Mystery Quilt at Bonni@quiltville.com

I also finished my first Charity Quilt for my Guild "Evening Star Guild" in Mineola

now i have to get going on the RR that i signed up for at Fairiegodmothersyahoogroup@com i also want to do the BOM Baltimore Blues at Sindie Rothmeiers Group at fatcatpatterns.com why do i do that i want to do everything then i get to busy but if i don't push myself nothing gets done

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R.Bischoff said...

Hello Leni,
you are so busy! Love the colors.