Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dear Hannah

still working away on my little squares for this Quilt it will be a long time until this one is finished .i am waiting to get my Fabric from Connecting Threads to finish the blue borders for the Mystery quilt.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mystery almost done

Mystery almost done

i must say i do get involved in to much stuff then i just put on to much pressure on myself ,,, but i finished (almost) the Mystery quilt we did on Bonnie Hunter's site.
it looks very pretty i would never have picked a pattern like that with so many little strips /blocks but now its almost done its all lay ed out on my Living room floor which makes DH crazy but so be it , in our Apartment there are not to many clear floor spaces thats the only time i miss our House.
Today in New York it's absolutly freezing a good day to stay in and quilt

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dear Hannah

i was bitten by the dear Jane bug but did resist that one now i saw this Dear Hannah Book and CD and just had to do it what did i let myself get into such tedious work but little by little i developed a System it's something to do in the evening with all the re-runs that are on TV .

so here we go 3 blocks done

new Pictures

this is a Block for a Valentine's topper that we are doing on my group of the

i hope whoever is the winner likes it

many thanks

i want to thank my friends who visit my Blog and leave a message i am just to new to this so i don't know should i thank them on the spot where there posted or just a general thank you i am not so sure what the blogger etiquette is. also i still don't know how to get on webring or how to get a better layout well i guess in time i will learn.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Round Robin Block

yeah,, i finished my Block for the Faierigodmothers Round Robin contest hope that there are a lot of People signing up and hopefully all is done in a timely fashion hate when things are delayed over a whole year

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


ok forgot to add the Pic of the latest charity quilt

so crazy about quilting

i don't know where the time goes it seems that i am forever running well a lot has to do with Fred we go twice a week to Physical Therapy for his Hip then usually one or the other Doctor wich leaves me only a few hours in the afternoon to quilt.

well any way enough of this gripping i finished step # 5 for the Mystery Quilt at

I also finished my first Charity Quilt for my Guild "Evening Star Guild" in Mineola

now i have to get going on the RR that i signed up for at Fairiegodmothersyahoogroup@com i also want to do the BOM Baltimore Blues at Sindie Rothmeiers Group at why do i do that i want to do everything then i get to busy but if i don't push myself nothing gets done