Monday, January 10, 2011

Grandmothers Flower Garden

my oh my

i can not believe it i have not been on my Blog or this long been very busy and perhaps maybe a little to much depression , but life must go on so here i am back to blogging .

first i want to share my latest i was going to make a whole Quilt with those little Hexagons

but i got sick of it it's not the individual Blocks it; the whole thing when you have to put it together so i made a Table Cloth for my Cocktail Table got it out of my System on to the next thing which will be a Mystery Quilt from Bonnie Hunter


genuine_pills said...

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Renate said...

That are beautiful flowers.

andrea said...

this quilt is so beautiful. is this hard to do? i really admire your work. i hope you could share your future work with us. love your ideas
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