Sunday, July 6, 2008


well i went to a Guild meeting on Thursday came home around 9pm an Fred was in Pain w did not know what it was but it got worse so i took him to the ER finally the next morning at 7am they decided it was a perforated Appendix so out it came he was not a happy camper i was exhausted being up from Thursday 7am till Friday 4pm well today i picked him up at the hospital he is doing OK and we are glad he is back home no quilting all this time cant wait to get back in to it


Renate said...

Just read your blog. I am sorry about Freds healthy and hope he ist feeling much better now.
All my best wishes for you

Anonymous said...

Healing thoughts for Fred!

Alikat said...

I am so far behind and feel terrible I didnt know about this til now. Much love to you and Fred